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The crossing of vertical canyons through their bed using specialized technical equipment such as ropes, helmets, climbing rings, harnesses, etc.

A "V" type ravine, characterized by steep vertical walls that form a narrow channel, dividing a slope.

Canyoning combines elements of gaming and adventure. It involves rappelling (descending on a rope) down outstanding waterfalls, whether they have water flowing or not. Participants also engage in activities such as hiking, swimming, and jumping in natural water parks, experiencing thrilling water slides. Similar to other outdoor pursuits, canyoning is divided into different levels, ranging from simple and easy routes to the most challenging and demanding ones.

Canyoning can be enjoyed throughout the year, as long as weather conditions permit. That is, no strong winds or storms. It is always important to prioritize safety.

Canyoning is indeed designed to cater to a wide audience of all ages. It welcomes men, women, families, and groups of friends who share a common desire for the exhilarating feeling of freedom that rappelling provides. Participants have the opportunity to choose canyoning routes based on their skill level, ensuring a suitable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Whether beginners or experienced enthusiasts, canyoning offers an inclusive and exciting adventure for individuals and groups alike.

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