First Aid

With our extensive experience spanning many years and a strong foundation in outdoor activities, we are well-equipped to provide flexible educational programs that prioritize the personal growth and development of each individual student as well as the group as a whole. Our programs are tailored to cater to different skill levels and experiences, ensuring that participants are appropriately placed within suitable levels. We employ specific objectives and implementation methods, including theoretical instruction, demonstrations, assignments, and practical training. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience that fosters both knowledge acquisition and hands-on skill development.


Providing First Aid in an isolated environment

Preparing trained speleologists and canyoners to provide safe assistance in isolated environments during incidents or accidents, pending specialized rescue. Our training program focuses on equipping speleologists and canyoners with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively assist a victim in isolated environments in the event of an incident or accident. Participants will learn essential techniques for providing immediate aid, ensuring the safety and well-being of the affected individual until specialized rescue teams arrive. Our program emphasizes the importance of maintaining a calm and controlled approach, proper communication, and utilizing appropriate equipment for rescue scenarios. By completing this training, you will be prepared to handle emergency situations in remote and challenging environments, making a significant difference in ensuring the welfare of those in need.

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