White Water

With our extensive experience spanning many years and a strong foundation in outdoor activities, we are well-equipped to provide flexible educational programs that prioritize the personal growth and development of each individual student as well as the group as a whole. Our programs are tailored to cater to different skill levels and experiences, ensuring that participants are appropriately placed within suitable levels. We employ specific objectives and implementation methods, including theoretical instruction, demonstrations, assignments, and practical training. This comprehensive approach ensures a well-rounded learning experience that fosters both knowledge acquisition and hands-on skill development.


White water

  • Learn water movements, equipment usage, gorge navigation, and rapid assistance.
  • Our training program focuses on providing participants with comprehensive knowledge of water movements and effective utilization of specific canyoning equipment.
  • You will develop essential skills for confidently moving and crossing in live waters within the gorge environment. Specialized techniques tailored to water canyons will be taught, equipping you with the expertise to navigate these unique terrains.
  • Additionally, you will learn how to assist team members in rapids, ensuring their safety and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie. Join our program to enhance your competence and preparedness for water-filled canyoning adventures.

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