Canyoning Crete Outdoor Center organizes Canyoning School - Canyoning stage- Autonomous 2023, sfp1 2023, sfp1, according to the EFC training regulation.

The school is aimed at people who have successfully completed the Initiation School, have reached the age of 18, are in good physical condition certified by a medical certificate and are insured (accident insurance) throughout the school.

Upon completion, participants receive a certificate of successful attendance.

The technical equipment is provided in its entirety (helmet, belt, hoops, ropes, etc.). Participants only need their personal items (backpack, clothing).

The responsible instructor of the school, Manos Petrakis (EFC/SOE canyoning instructor), together with an Assistant Instructor, are responsible for the smooth and efficient operation as well as the completion of the school's program. They have complete freedom regarding matters of the school, as well as the modification of the program, due to weather or other conditions that they themselves deem necessary.

Participants must continuously follow the program and events of the school and faithfully follow the instructions of their instructors. Otherwise, the instructors have the right not to allow a participant to continue in the school if his behavior endangers himself or his team.

The dates of the school are Wednesday, February 1, 2023 for the theoretical part, at the burial grounds of EOS Heraklion, and for the practical part, in the gorges, on the weekends of February 4-5, 11-12 and 25-26, 2023.

The maximum number of trainees is twelve (12) people and priority order will be respected.

To enroll in the school, each participant must submit no later than Thursday, January 19, 2023:

  • Application, where his/her full details are indicated as well as acceptance of the school's regulations.
  • Certificate from a pathologist, cardiologist or general practitioner (6 months), which declares on the possibility of the participant to exercise.
  • Photocopy of police ID.
  • Small passport size photo.

Expected cost of the seminar: € 330.00. The amount is paid in two equal installments. The first with the submission of supporting documents and the second during the theoretical course at the Association's meeting rooms.

The cost of participation in the schools does not include the costs of travel, accommodation and food. Personal canyoning gear is provided free of charge. Transportation is by private means.


During the seminar there will be an overnight stay in Tsoutsouras. An overnight stay in a rented room costs €40 per room with a financial burden on the participants (they are offered to accommodate 3 to 4 people per room).



  • Behavior guidelines towards the landscape and the natural environment
  • Behavior guidelines towards the residents who exploit the canyon area and to other canyoners

General knowledge


  • You will learn the visual and auditory signals used in the canyon


  • You will learn the knots used in the gorge and their use
  • You will learn to use knots and methods of “blocking” the rope in the belay station

Access to horizontal sections on land and water

Movement in horizontal sections

  • You will learn to move with ease and pace while ensuring the safety of the team in the obstacles you will encounter (technical walking, slippery terrain, climbing, abseiling)

Water movement

  • You will practice swimming wearing the equipment in a calm water current
  • You will practice jumps and slides (and checking for proper spots and positioning)
  • You will learn to move in "white water"

Descent of vertical sections

Descent of waterfalls

  • You will learn how to install and lock the figure of 8 descender
  • You will learn proper body positioning during various descending scenarios
  • You will learn to use various types of descenders
  • You will learn to pass a knot on the way down
  • You will learn to do an emergency descent (use of half hitch) without an “8” descender and how to lock it
  • You will learn the different ways to set up the type 8 descender and their difference in friction
  • You will learn to manage the backpack in the waterfall
  • You will learn to manage friction from baley station
  • You will learn to set up half-hitch and figure-of-eight belay systems

Ascending the rope

  • You will learn to climb single and double rope with mechanical brakes
  • You will learn to make an emergency ascent without the mechanical brakes
  • You will learn to pass a knot while ascending

Change of direction

  • You will learn to change direction from downhill to uphill and vice versa
  • You will learn to quickly change direction from uphill to downhill

Approach traverse

  • You will learn to recognize the equipment in the canyon and how to set up the rope system


  • You will learn to place and pass a deviation

Theoretical Courses

A total of two lectures will be held at the seminar. Each lecture will cover a key area of knowledge that a canyoner must know to be able to cross canyons of technical difficulty V3.a2.II with the respective group as defined by the EFC/SOE.

Preparing for a descent/ Canyoning Techniques
Speaker: Manos Petrakis Canyoning Instructor EFC/SOE. Duration 60 minutes.

Technical Anchors/General Canyoning Knowledge
Speaker: Manos Petrakis Canyoning Instructor EFC/SOE. Duration 60 minutes.

Fields of education

The practice will take place in 4 different canyons equipped specifically for training and a field/track specially designed for canyoning techniques.

  • Canyon Tsoutsouras
  • Canyon Xerofaraggo
  • Maridaki Gorge
  • Gorge Kourtaliotis
  • Modified track for canyoning techniques