Until a few years ago, the difficult and steep canyons were considered untouched, protected from human activities. Biodiversity arks, geological history museums and places of folk lore inspiration. The rapid development of the sport of canyoning brought to light these unique landscapes and highlighted the hidden treasures, unknown even to the local communities. But the reality is not as idyllic as it seems. Household and farm waste, vehicle debris and a host of other foreign objects are scattered in their beds, even in those that are not near residential areas. Beyond their hobby, canyoneering groups have several times organized cleaning missions, wanting to contribute to improving the natural image of these unique landscapes.

In this context, Canyoning Crete Outdoor Center and the Greek Mountaineering Association of Heraklion organized on Sunday, November 13, 2022, the descent and cleaning of the Kakoperato Agios Vassiliou canyon in Rethymno. 25 volunteer canyoners removed from the canyon 10 large garbage bags with various garbage, which were deposited in the garbage bins of the village of Agios Vasilios Rethymno, where the exit of Kakoperatos is also located. The local community was informed about the action and pledged to support similar events in the area.

More information: Manos Petrakis, founder Canyoning Crete Outdoor Center

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